meet the team

Wylie Earnhart


  • 12+ years experience in motion graphics.

  • 22+ years experience in video editing (yes, he started making movies in high school, yes, those movies got him a full college scholarship).

career highlights

  • Video team at C3 Presents from 2016-2022.
    Got to travel to a lot of great music festivals, meet cool people like Willie Nelson, and accidentally show Jack Black to the wrong bathroom.


  • Coaching the high school speech team.

  • Absolutely KILLING it at karaoke.

Eleanor Earnhart


  • In the world of design & illustration since 2016

  • Helped individuals and small businesses with all their creative graphic needs: branding, web design, logo design, etc. from 2020 to 2023

career highlights

  • Transitioned to being a full time artist in 2023, but still helps Wylie out with design, illustration and administrative work.

    Find her work at or on Instagram and Facebook (@stardogcreations).

  • Started Stardog Creative to support small business owners and good causes with her design skills, which she did for 4 years.

  • Marketing team at the YMCA of Austin from 2016-2020.
    Got to work with and support all kinds of people, and focus on ethical marketing; not on things like "pain points."


  • Trying every single arts & crafts hobby on earth (gotta collect them all!)

  • Exploring the woods, making friends with plants.